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JBE can offer a broad range of talent a sample of which can be found below. JBE can also establish availability and fees for any specific artist required.


Natalie Williams

"Introducing Natalie Williams, a new R&B singer with a difference. The album's title track is an open account of her personality and the things she likes. With a refreshing jazz beat behind some stunning sultry vocals, this is a song with a difference. Her album captures emotion completely, with a voice that can carry laid back tunes like 'lazy days' as well as more upbeat tracks like 'girlfriend'."

This could be the woman to propel homegrown soul/r&b into the limelight. This young singer has the kind of quality voice you encounter once in a blue moon….” - Russell Deeks

“Natalie was all dazzling smiles and high-kneed strut as she belted out numbers from the album, swooping high a la aretha….”“This was hard-hitting earth, wind and fire stuff, full of funky momentum an luscious vocal harmonies…” - Jack Massarik : Evening Standard

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